know us & our yogic foundations


Happiness Yoga is a traditional yoga studio, started in middle of 2012 in Gujarat, India, by Sunita & Shaishav, earnest yoga Teachers from Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad, to spread Happiness and fulfilment they have recieved from Yoga learnings and enable people to deepen their experience of life through this. With the thoughtfulness of "Vasudhaive Kutumbakkam" we intend to share the essence of yoga science among our global family and hence we have our presence in Virginia, United States Of America too since 2017.


We believe in teaching and sharing the knowledge of  Traditional & Unmodified forms of Yoga.  We don't just thrust Yogasana (postures) but emphasise on following Ashtanga Yoga philosophy advised by Maharshi Patanjali before approx 5000 years.  By practicing  this "Eight Limbs Yoga Sadhana" -  Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi, one can attain the ultimate Goal.

Hence, we combine various elements of yoga practice such as Pranayama, Meditation, Sukshma Vyayam (flexibility & stretching exercises), Simple & principle Asanas, Advance postures, Kriya, Mudra, Bandha, Tratak,  Japayoga and Spiritual retreats in our teaching. All these in simple, engaging and light way that brings a feeling of relaxation, happiness and peace to the practicing bodies.

Whether you are very new to the term "Yoga" or an advanced yogi, you may have something more from us. We welcome Beginner, Intermediate & Advance level yoga aspirants who are sincere for their upliftment. 

We conduct the class in an engaging and fun way contemplating the strength, stamina and flexibility levels of different individuals. Our each class is designed the way it brings physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing to the lives.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy !