In just 5 months of yoga practice at HYC, Tina's 5 year old thyroid problem & lower back pain completely cured. She says, Happiness is not just a studio, it is warm like a family and teachers are very knowledgeable on anatomy, physiology & yoga philosophy.

Tina, Annandale, VA, Jun 2018


Holistic & special yoga studio that meets your own intensity level of practice

Bryoney, Doha, Qatar, July 2018


I joined happiness yoga before 6 weeks. I come here for energy and the atmosphere here is full of love, care & happiness. And I am now able to do my full splits and wheel pose with advanced variations in just 6 weeks.

-Patricia, Lorton Virginia, April 2018


..................... because they are very positive, happy, caring and customer friendly and passionate for yoga

- Kyle, Springfield VA, May2018


...................Not only for physical exercise, breathing practice and spiritual upliftment. People are always very welcoming and smiling bringing happiness on our face.

- Jannik, Springfield VA, May 2018



I joined Happiness yoga in 2012 when I was not able to sleep till 1-2 am due to work stress and a sort of over thinking habit. But yoga and especially sir & mam have changed my life from the root. now I can sleep as soon as I go to bed because I have realised the sense of reality.  I am grateful to Happiness yoga for giving me a new life of lights.

- Narendra Gandhi, Ahmedabad Gujarat, January 2017



Since 2012, I have never taken a day off whenever I am not travelling. Happiness yoga stands for happiness in real terms. My family and friends observe tremendous positive change in me. I personally feel that negativity is eradicated from my daily life. only positivity and positivity stays when we follow yam, niyam, asan, pranayama and Dhyan. it is certainly soulful experience 

- Vasant Patel, Ahmedabad Gujarat, August 2016