Private lessons

Schedule a one-on-one lesson with the teacher of your choice to deepen and expand your practice. Private lessons are centered around the individual needs and goals of the students. We provide a safe and comfortable space along with expert guidance to help students work toward their goals. 


restorative therapy

Yoga is for all. This class is designed for senior citizens, patients and overweight people who have physical limitation for advance yoga and practice. Gentle movements of limbs and joints, respiratory improving breathing techniques, meditation, stamina building asana, strength improving exercise, spinal flexibility improvements are few of the elements of this class. 


strength & stretching

Beginner or advance level yogi prefers this class in which they enhance their overall fitness, strength and stamina. Not only that several pranayama, chanting, kriya and prolong meditation help them attaining the feelings of peace and relaxation.


advance postures

Yogis with several years of practice challenges themselves with tough and advance postures. core strengthening, head stand, arm balances, inversions,  twist and split are major interest of the practitioners in this class.