I found Happiness Yoga in January and I am so grateful for Shaishav and Sunita's teachings and the community of yogis. I attend the 6am class Monday through Friday and 730am weekend classes. I have practiced yoga many years and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training last year but I learn something new every class. The studio is a great place for teachers to expand their knowledge but also super welcoming to students who are new to yoga. What I love most about taking class with Shaishav and Sunita is that they truly care about their students. I always look forward to walking in to the studio. The studio focuses on the eight limbs of yoga not just the asanas like most other studios. They also have an amazing prenatal yoga class on Saturdays.

— Cecilia Marshall

Dedicated and encouraging instructors, different exercises every day which means with regular attendance you train every muscle in your body. My mind is calmer, thinking is clearer. I feel more connected with people and myself. My body feels flexible and strong, and, most importantly, I brought sciatica under control with guidance of our instructors. I like that we are taught about benefit of every posture we practice, this helps to deeper connect with our bodies. Happiness Yoga has become my second family. I always say that certain people love yoga and we are all connected by that love. Taking this opportunity I want to say thank you to our instructors for their dedication, encouragement, understanding, time and effort. Yoga is an experience worth trying! I love yoga!

— Sevil Tahmazova

Happiness Yoga Studio Is Not Just for Asana & Pranayama But Key To Be Healthy & Happy Leaving with Inner peace. Learning Yoga As A Way Of Life.

— Sunil Patel

I have been going regularly to Happiness Yoga since it opened in November, 2017. During that time, my yoga practice has greatly improved physically and spiritually. Shaishav and Sunita provide expert training and guidance in the practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation. They conduct 4 classes every day - and also offer individual guidance to accommodate all needs. They practice with open hearts and kindness - making all of the students feel welcome - and happy. Please come and join us :))

— Susan Farris

The yoga classes at Happiness Yoga are both relaxing and challenging. It is for all fitness levels and you can go at your own pace and still get a great work out. Sunita and Shah are great instructors, giving good guidance, encouragement and challenging you to do your best. If you want to relieve some stress and improve your health, you will find a path at Happiness Yoga.

— Dawne Ward

I used to take free yoga classes included with my gym membership and was getting out of them exactly what I was paying: nothing. The a friend invited me to check out Happiness Yoga and now, 2 months later, I am still as impressed and motivated as the first time I took the class. What a difference it makes to have instructors who have been living the authentic yoga way for 20-30 years! (Instead of fitness instructors pretending to be yogi at my gym). I’m sticking to it for a long time, come check it out for yourself.

Evin Smolkin

So glad that I found Happiness Yoga. It's the real deal! I've been practicing yoga for over 15 years at the gym and various studios and had no idea what I was missing. Sunita and Shaisav are real yogis trained by masters in India, not yoga teachers that went to a 6 week training course. It's been an amazing experience for me and I feel like I'm finally learning after all these years what yoga really is.

— Petra Carter

Happiness Yoga offers online sessions which is a wonderful option for me to practice yoga everyday (I live out of state and everything is so far away here). The sessions are unique everyday that combines a spiritual prayer, breathing exercises and yoga postures. I am practicing yoga for over of six months and i can say, yoga has helped me a lot with flexibility, and i feel more peaceful, and energetic. I am grateful everyday to had found a yogi family like Shaishav and Sunita (knowledgeable couple!). I will recommend anyone to try their yoga sessions.

— Milagros Causie

Happiness Yoga is an oasis in Lorton. It is a complete experience of traditional yoga. Sunita and Shaishav are so welcoming and genuinely care about all of their students. They include breathing exercises, and the value of doing this cannot be underestimated! During the sessions, the instructors often explain the benefits of certain movements or poses. No matter what your level of yoga practice is, they include you, make you feel good, and differentiate to give all present the best experience possible. I will go to no other place!

— Eva Eckenrode

I love this place. The teachers are skillful and friendly. The class is clean and stress free. I really enjoy yoga now. Thanks to all people at happiness Yoga.

— Tho Duong

EXTREMELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I live in Canada, Toronto and attend Happiness Yoga class online. I never met Shaishav sir and Sunita mam personally. I still remember my first yoga experience with them. That time I was doing my full time MBA with full time job. It was 5.55 AM Jan 2018 morning. I was still lying on my bed, self arguing to get off and join 6 AM class (you know how winter mornings are ☹) when Shaishav sir and mam called me. All they said is ‘Ridhi, we are waiting for you. Come join us online, don’t miss your first day.’ That 1 min conversation touched my heart and changed my life permanently. The whole day I kept thinking which institute or teacher calls a very new student whom they never met, who has not even paid fees just because on previous day I mentioned about my busy schedule and asked if they can give me little push to start early morning yoga. I joined class and started practicing yoga everyday. Initially I thought I would never be able to do chakrasana, shirshasana and all complex yoga postures that too when you join online but not a single time Sunita mam missed to notice my postures and always corrects it if needed. I wish I would have joined Happiness Yoga class earlier. It certainly uplifted my MBA grades and job performance in office. My days are now more focused, organized, energetics and extremely result oriented. I have been to many yoga classes. I go to gym regularly and play many sports like tennis, squash, swimming, etc. but believe me, the way I feel connected to mam and sir through regular yoga practice is incomparable. Now, they are like my family members. Mam, I love you for correcting all my yoga postures, encouraging me to maintain postures little longer and waving lovely good bye at the end of every yoga session. In nutshell, Happiness Yoga is not just about your bodyfat or calories, its equally about your mind and inner soul. It will permanently change the way you live your life, happily, just like its name say. If you are fortunate enough to live near by, join this class in person. If you are at remote location, join us online😊. See you in class.😊

— Riddhi Dhokai

Wow! The best yoga ever! I had yoga before, but not like this. I am doing this yoga for couple weeks and I am so happy. Both my teachers are excellent.

— Entela Shasho

If you are looking for traditional yoga, this is the place for you. Teachers Shaishav and Sunita teaches traditional yoga with extensively explanation of each yoga asanas. If you are looking to yoga poses for specific ailment of the body, they will go in depth to teach you that too. I am so glad I found this hidden gem. It's worth checking out this place once to figure out yourself. I promise it is well worth it.

— Tarla Patel

Happiness Yoga is a place to come and relax as well as improve your flexibility and much more! I am so so happy that i found out about this place because it helps me almost everyday to gain energy and get a good workout. They welcome everyone that comes in with kindess and compation and are always looking forward to the next session.

— Tim Blake

My wife and I have been attending Happiness Yoga at Lorton almost everyday for the past April 2018 and we love it! The whole day, we feel productive, positive, and full of energy. The instructors, Shaishav and Sunita, are incredibly patient and encouraging. They conveniently host multiple 1.5-hour sessions throughout the day. They studied Yoga at an aashram in India for more than a decade and so their deep knowledge and expertise shines. They have taught us a lot about the tradition, benefits, and lifestyle in general. The facility is spacious, clean, and equipped with mats and pads. Each session involves meditation, a variety of pranayama (breathing exercises), and asana (postures). The asanas range from easy to difficult. The instructors provide alternatives for the difficult ones but it has been wonderful to see our skill and flexibility steadily improving. To top it all off, Happiness Yoga is very affordable! We’ve done Yoga at other centers, but they always felt lacking in terms of authenticity, inclusivity, and/or affordability. We highly recommend Happiness Yoga!

—Rajesh Singh

The happiness yoga is amazing!! I practice yoga through your videos on the YouTube and they are very helpful to me. They have not only helped me to improve my health but they also helped me to improve my grades at school. After practicing it everyday i have a lot better health than i had before…..all thanks to you

— Heet Khamar

This place is a gem. The instructors treat everyone very nicely. Their yoga practice is extremely effective. Must check out.

— Tuong Van Nguyen

Facility is very clean and spacious with four sessions a day. Instructors are very knowledgeable and they have immense patience to work with each individual. I have been going to this facility seven days a week in the morning and it made a huge difference in my health. My cholesterol, triglyceride, glucose etc. have come down tremendously. I am more energetic and less stressed through out the day. I highly recommend it and be regular if you want to see the results. Stay healthy - stay Happy!!

— Jatin Shah

Both yoga teaches are very knowledgeable. They have unique teaching style. The studio space is amazing. Plenty of parking. The class offerings are excellent. Empowering atmosphere.

— Jay Pat

Great place to learn and practice yoga. Both the instructors are very knowledgeable. They both are very good at explaining each pasture and how it is helpful. Very clean facility and quiet area. They also offers free trial class.

— Tim Shaw

Great place to learn Authentic Yoga. The teachers have in depth knowledge and experience in teaching Yoga. The ambience is also really good. Yoga is not a set of exercises, it is much bigger science to unite body, mind and spirit. They know this in principle and practice and help realize the true value of Yoga.

—Satyanarayana Kondle

Happiness Yoga is absolutely AMAZING! I had never done yoga prior to coming here and I am so happy that I came to Happiness Yoga to start my yoga journey. Sunita and Shav are so welcoming, they always help you with problem areas and are willing to work with you to assist your personal needs. I highly recommend Happiness Yoga to anyone looking for a new yoga home or even for beginners like I was! You wont find a place that truly cares about you and will welcome you in like family the way that Happiness Yoga does.

— Courtney Ward

After joining Happiness yoga in November 2017, I have seen tremendous change in my body blood work. All numbers for the blood work has improved for better health. My doctor is also happy with the results. It required daily practice and this is the perfect place we found in Lorton Virginia.

— Nitin Patel

I joined Happiness yoga in 2012 when I was not able to sleep till 1-2 am due to work stress and a sort of over thinking habit. But yoga and especially sir & mam have changed my life from the root. now I can sleep as soon as I go to bed because I have realised the sense of reality.  I am grateful to Happiness yoga for giving me a new life of lights.

— Narendra Gandhi

Since 2012, I have never taken a day off whenever I am not travelling. Happiness yoga stands for happiness in real terms. My family and friends observe tremendous positive change in me. I personally feel that negativity is eradicated from my daily life. only positivity and positivity stays when we follow yam, niyam, asan, pranayama and Dhyan. it is certainly soulful experience 

— Vasant Patel

Sunita and Shaishav are awesome instructors! My husband and I have been part of their daily practice for about a month and it has had a wonderful impact on our well-being. They are able to accommodate various skill levels within the class without any problem. They are patient towards beginners while encouraging you to challenge yourself. We highly recommend the Happiness Yoga team!

— Poornima B.

This is real yoga taught by people who know what they are doing. It is great for beginners and advanced people as well. Everyone is very friendly, and they make you feel welcome even if you have never done it before.

— Katie

Hello everyone I am so happy for do yoga every day. all of you keep it up. Thank you so much.

— Mina Patel