Sun Salutation

Complete Body workout & gratitude to the life source

January 28, 2018 



The Sun Salutation is a graceful sequence of twelve positions performed as one continuous exercise. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the body in a different way and alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing. Practiced daily it will bring great flexibility to your spine and joints and trim your waist. It limbers up the whole body in preparation for the asanas.


Are you a beginner to Sun Salutation? You must be curious to know all about Sun Salutation… right? – the story behind it, the benefits, the correct way to do, time to practice, length of the practice and so on...  It is natural phenomenal curiosity especially when we begin any yogasana practice and is equally important too what we are going to do.

Myth & Science

In Hindu mythology, the sun god is worshipped as a symbol of health and immortal life. The Rig Veda declares that "Surya is the Soul, both of the moving and unmoving beings". The Sun Salutation originated as a series of prostrations to the sun. Traditionally, it is performed at dawn, facing the rising sun. In time, each of the twelve positions came to have its own mantra, celebrating aspects of the sun's divinity. 

Now the first question that arises in our mind is “ Why to do Sun salutation?” It is very important for two reasons. One, it can be a great workout for the whole body – stretching, flexing and toning the muscles, an excellent exercise for weight loss. It increases functioning efficiency of all six body systems. Our each body joint is engaged during the practice of traditional sun salutation hence strengthens our joints and locomotors system. And most importantly, Sun Salutation gives us an opportunity to express gratitude to the sun, without which life on earth would be impossible!  

It is also regarded as king of yogasana. Some day, if you are running short of time to do more yogasana practice,  simply practice 6 sets of Surya namaskar correctly, and get nearly similar benefits for whole body workout.

Practicing Sun Salutation at different speeds (slow, medium or fast) can have different effects. If done at a slow pace, it can help strengthen and tone body muscles. Use the breath as an effective tool in slow movements to bring the body, mind and breath in harmony and enjoy a complete meditative experience. A few rounds of quick Sun Salutations can be a great cardiac workout. If you are doing Surya Namaskar as a warm-up exercise, do it at a fast pace. But if Sun Salutation is included in the entire yoga posture package, you can do it at slow to medium pace. 


Moon Salutation

It is a preferable to do Surya Namaskar early morning at sunrise, on an empty stomach. If missed the sunrise, you can practice at sunset too. But when the moon is visible, you should practice Moon salutation ( Chandra Namaskar)


Ideally at least 12 rounds of Surya Namaskars daily (one set consists of two rounds – six with the left leg and six with the other) should be practiced everyday. However, as a beginner, you could start with two to four rounds and then gradually go up to as many as you can comfortably do.


Although Sun Salutation is a complete body workout, alone it is not sufficient.  It is always good to top it up with other more intense yoga postures for a complete fitness experience. Practicing with proficient teachers at Happiness yoga studio ensures the improvement in stamina, strength and stretching.


The best results can be experienced only by everyday, regular and committed practice.

Vinyasa way of Sun Salutation A & B :

Traditionally it is being performed with 12 asana positions but in time, more variations came up in popularity. Different yoga disciplines practice it differently with own understanding of science and technique. Sun salutation A (9 steps) & Sun salutation B (17 steps) are performed in Vinyasa practice or Ashtanga yoga practice. 

In this workshop, you will learn scientific way of doing various types of Sun-salutation followed by practice of each type. Session will conclude with Q & A


Date : January 28, 2018

Time : 8:00 am to 9:30 am (90 minutes)

workshop Fees : $ 20 per person. 

Eligibility : Whether you are regular practitioner, just a beginner, or even not know the term YOGA,  this workshop is for everyone. Learn and Experience the difference.

Students with Studio Membership of 2 months OR 6 months : $10 (discount 50%).

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